Affiliation in Hong Kong

EMS business (manufacturing)

We offer several services such as product development, test sample, and mass production of electronic devices.
We carry out services range from test sample to the mass production of PCB in cooperation with Japan, Hong Kong and China.
It is also possible to make a design and test sample in Japan, then start the pre-production overseas.

Development & Design

Development & Design

We undertake several services including product development.
Please feel free to contact us about our consumer product, industrial equipment, on-vehicle equipment, medical device etc.

We also undertake circuit and pattern designs.
We offer several services for PCB, including single and multilayer PCBs of analog and digital design.
Design specs documents are required for circuit designs.
Circuit diagram, netlist, parts list and design specs are required as documents for pattern designs.


We manufacture four kinds of PCBs.

  1. FPC board (flexible board) fine pitch/ standard pitch.
  2. Glass epoxy board (FR-4, CEM-3)
  3. Metal-based board (aluminum/copper base board)
  4. Rigid FPC

FPC (flexible board)

Fine pitch

We can reduce the costs of fine pitch FPC.
Available with a minimum pitch of 20 micron
(Line-and-space: 10 micron / 10 micron L/S=10/10) in mass production.
Available with a minimum line-and-space of 8 micron / 8 micron in test sample.
Suitable for a long-term product development.
Impedance control is available.
It is possible to reduce the size and thickness of the product by mounting the semiconductor bare chip on the fine pitch FPC.
Click here for more details on the downsizing of products.

Standard pitch

Available with a minimum pitch of 80 micron
(Line-and-space: 40 micron / 40 micron L/S=40/40)
Multilayer FPC is also available.
Maximum size 250 mm × 500 mm
Impedance control is available.
Please contact us for other specifications.

We specialize in mounting on FPC.

Glass epoxy board (FR-4/CEM-3)

Maximum layers 30 layers
Maximum size 720 x 630 mm
Manufacturable board thickness 0.2 mm – 6.0 mm
Maximum thickness of copper 525 u
It is possible to manufacture buildup boards.
Impedance control is available.
Please contact us for other specifications.

Metallic base board (aluminum, copper)

This product is most suitable for the radiation of parts that produce heat, including power LED, and power transistor.
Its use extends over super luminosity LED lights, LED back-lights, hybrid ICs, automotive electric equipment, or power batteries.
Maximum size: 650×1200 mm

For other specifications, please contact us.

Rigid FPC board

It is most suitable for the downsizing of your products, such as robots.
Compared to rigid boards and cables, high density wiring and mounting are possible for the high density mounting.
We are able to meet demands such as Impedance control, IVH, resin embedding and build-up boards.

Please contact us for other specifications.

Parts procurement

BRIGHT DEVICES LTD. carries out electronic component sales as an agency.
We deal in electronic components of Japanese, European, American and Hong Kong manufacturers.
Click here for more details on our other products.

We have extensive knowledge of various components and procurement networks developed through our experience in sales of electronic components.
If you give us BOM (Bills of Materials), we can make a VE proposal of using the parts of manufacturers in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

PCB assembly

Flip chip and wire bonding mounting of bear chips, SMT and DIP parts are available.
Large sized board mounting service is also available.

We have solid background in FPC assembly.
It is possible to reduce the size and thickness of products by mounting semiconductor bare chips on fine pitch FPCs.

In-vehicle boards are mounted by a factory that has obtained an ISO/ TS16949 certification.
Design and manufacturing function checkers are also available.
See details about the mounting of fine chip FPCs and bare chips.

Assembly, packaging and others

We offer our services in assembly and packaging on request.
Please contact us if you have any inquiries on manufacturing processes.

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