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Our affiliation in Hong Kong.

Bright Devices Ltd., our affiliation in Hong Kong provides excellent services in the production and sales of electronic components.

Bright Devices Ltd., our affiliation in Hong Kong provides excellent services in PCB assembly and parts procurement.
Bright Devices Ltd supports the exportation of PCB, and electronic components and the provision of parts to your overseas factories.
We make proposals for foreign electronic components and electric products on request. Transactions with currencies of HKD, USD, JPY and CNY are available.

EMS business (manufacturing)

We offer various services such as product development, test sample, and mass production of electronic devices. We carry out services range from test sample to the mass production of PCB in cooperation with Japan, Hong Kong and China.
It is also possible to make a design and test sample in Japan, then start the pre-production overseas.

Board types

  • FPC(Flexible Printed Circuit) fine pitch/standard pitch
  • Glass epoxy PCB (FR-4, CEM-3)
  • Metal based PCB (aluminum/copper based board)
  • Rigid FPC

EMS business (manufacturing)

Agency for electronic component sales

We can offer proposals for reducing the total cost by procuring parts from overseas as well as Japan (electronic components, PCB, cable, case etc.).
We support your overseas subsidiary’s local procurement.

Products we offer

  • Electronic components (from Japan)
  • Electronic components (from US and Europe)
  • Electronic components (from Taiwan, Hong Kong and China)
  • PCB (FPC, FR-4/CEM-3, metal based board, rigid FPC board)
  • AC adapter (PSE approved)
  • Cable
  • Case (plastic, metal)

Agency for electronic component sales

Corporate Information

CAPITAL 2,000,000HK$
CONTENTS OF BUSINESS Supporting for Kitting Services
Importing / Exporting and
Selling of Semiconductors and Electronic parts,EMS Business
ADDRESS Unit 16, 12/F, New City Centre,No. 2 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwun Tong,Kowloon, Hong Kong.
TEL +852 2992-0781 FAX +852 2992-0170