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We provide various electronic components from the manufacturers BRIGHT DEVICES represents from Japan and all over the world.

Electronic components (manufacturers BRIGHT DEVICES represents )




Printed circuit board (raw circuit board).

FPC (Flexible Printed Circuits ) fine pitch

We contribute the cost reduction of ultra fine pitch FPC.
Available with a minimum pitch of 20 microns (Line-and-space: 10 micron/10 micron L/S=10/10).
Impedance control is available.
*We have accomplished minimum 16 micron pitch (L/S=8/8) as a test sample.

FPC(Flexible printed circuits) standard pitch

Available with a minimum pitch of 80 micron (line-and-space: 40 micron/40 micton, L/S=40/40).
Multi-layer FPC is also available.
Maximum size is 250x500mm.
Impedance control is available.

FR-4 / CEM-3

Maximum number of layers: 30 layers
Maximum manufacturing size: 720x630mm
Manufacturable board thickness: 0.2 mm-6.0 mm
Maximum thickness of copper foil: 525 u
Build-up boards are manufacturable.
Impedance control is available.

Metal board base (aluminium, copper)

Maximum manufacturing size: 650x1200mm.
Manufacturable board thickness: 0.1 mm~10 mm
Maximum thickness of copper foil: 210 u
Suitable for LED illumination, LED back light, hybrid IC, automotive electrical equipment, power source for heat dissipation.

Rigit FPC board

As this allows the wiring design to be highly flexible, high-density wiring and mounting are possible.
We meet all the needs of impedance control, IVH, resin embedding and build-up boards.

Case (metal, resin), harness.


Custom SW power supply and AC adopter

Custom power supply

SW Power Supply
[Input, Output, Content]
[Safety standard]
compliant with various kinds.
[Input] AC100 – 240V
[Safety standard] compliant with various kinds.

AC adapter

Standard Pitch
Various types including 8W, 12W, 24W, and 48W are available.
12W USB Car Charger
USB adapter for cigarette socket
For charging tablet PC’s and smart-phones.
Travel Adapter
USB adapter for travellers
Input AC100 – 240V
Output 5V 12A

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