Welcome to Denshi-Gihan!

Denshi-Gihan is comprised of 4 business domain below.

1.Agency sale of electronic products
We offers agency sale of electronic products, import of an overseas semiconductor materials, and proposal of Chinese electronic products.We provide customers with technical supports on design and development of products tailored to meet their needs.

2.Industrial printed circuit board assembly
We offer complete solutions for industrial printed circuit board assembly with 25 years experience.

3.China business in Hong Kong
We supply high quality Japanese and overseas technological products to overseas clients with professional, efficient, value added customer services.

4.Trial manufacture business on the internet
SHISAKU STATION web based the trial manufacture business of PCB(printed circuit board) is only available in Japanese language for Japanese based companies.

【Environmental Activities】
We are a KES (Kyoto Environmental management system Standard) certified company. We declare the improvement of environment as Denshi-Gihan's effort

Fundamental Principle
Denshi-Gihan Co.,Ltd. understands that improvement for global environment is one of the most important task for all humanity and thus make efforts to reduce environmental load .

In order to reduce all the environmental influences from the conduct of business concerning manufacture and sales of electric parts and devices, Denshi-gihan Co., Ltd promotes environmental management activities based on the following policy, and aims at harmony with earth environment.

  1. Complied with the laws relevant to environment: all productions of Denshi-Gihan Co. Ltd. are compliant with the laws relevant to environment and other requirements, and Denshi-Gihan Co. Ltd. makes efforts to improve environment by promoting energy and resources saving such as reducing the usage of electricity and paper materials.
  2. Harmonization with the global environment: All staffs understand the importance of environmental improvement and contribute it.
  3. Development of enlightening environmental activities: Denshi-Gihan Ltd. declares to all Denshi-Gihan staffs and people outside Denshi-Gihan to notify that every single person should take positive actions to reduce impacts on environment.
  4. Participation in the local environmental activities: Denshi-Gihan Co.,Ltd. participates activities for improving environment based on Miyako Agenda21 Forum partnership. We set up practical targets to achieve policies declared above, and make continuous efforts to improve environment management activities with periodic review for preventing from any pollution.